• 1 Speaking
    Lectures and "Horse Talks"
  • 2 Judging
    AQHA, EC recognized judge.
  • 3 Coaching
    Clinics: at your farm or Horse Expos
  • 4 Coaching and Lessons
    English & Western disciplines
  • 5 Horse Shows
    Training and coaching.
  • 6 Seminars
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As a riding coach, horse show judge, columnist and specialist in equine behavior, the science of how horses really think and learn has saved me time, trouble and trauma in training! Coaching at a horse show, teaching in a classroom, speaking to an audience, or as an equine consultant, I help riders gain insight into why horses do what they do.

The best gift we can give a horse is to communicate clearly. And the heart of a good coach is always to do the same with her student!

Need a fresh perspective? Join a group riding at an Ontario farm near you! For a pre-show tune up or trouble shooting session, occasionally or regularly. Some coaches supplement their programs with occasional lessons for themselves or their students.


In a typical session Lindsay will …

  • watch you and your horse working as a team through some of her favourite patterns.
  • target the trouble spots
  • reflect back the horse's perspective using the science of how horses think and learn
  • suggest specific, small changes for better results!


Equine behaviour,
competition and life!

Horse and rider

Equestrian “luck”

Horse psychology insights: for a winning edge in the show ring and in life!
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Horse and rider

Error Free Horse Training

You likely have a list of a few things you’d like to delete from your horse’s repertoire.
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Rider At Show

Do some horses learn quicker than others?

Smart. Clever. Dull. Clueless. We all have stories of horses that connect the dots and others that …don’t. So, really, are some horses sharper than others?
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Hoosier Horse Expo, Indianapolis.

Horse Psychology for the Show Ring.

“Is it me or my horse?” A winning ride can be won or lost in the horse⁄human communication. Clinic participants gain insights from fascinating equine research, followed by practical riding sessions. Riders go home with a game plan for the training ring, warm up ring, or show ring.

Can Am Horse Expo.

Power Steering: the Keys to a Light Horse.


CameraLong distance? No problem. Consider a video review and chat of a recent class or ride. Helpful tips! Camera

Lindsay's Portfolio Photo.
  • " Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic clinic! Everyone was raving about it and we
    all came away energized and eager to try some new tools. I love how it all seemed
    simple - but not easy - and the idea of little "training deposits" will work so well into
    our program. I am so glad many of our volunteers and trainers were there and we'll
    explore incorporating your ideas and methods further at this Friday's Trainer
    Training session. A.B.(CANTRA) Therapeutic Riding Instructor
  • "Thanks again for a fantastic weekend!!! You are so gifted as a teacher. Lots of people
    are asking when are you are coming back:) J. L., Riding coach, Nova Scotia.
  • "I've seen Lindsay help with training issues in a matter of minutes,"
         Yvonne Compton, chair of Kingston Fair Horse Show in newspaper interview.
  • "Just a note of thanks for a great lesson. Your clear, fair, consistent approach to riding >and teaching makes lessons with you priceless. Thanks for being patient with me!"
         Heather L. Ontario
  • "I got more out of my one hour session with Lindsay that in many years of lessons!"  
          L.S. Wingham
  • " Just wanted to say THANK YOU for organizing a superb clinic!! Lindsay Grice was a joy to listen to and I learned so much!! I hope that last night was the first of many workshops and I eagerly look forward to the next event!"
         B.B. Toronto
  • " Thank you so much for arranging for Lindsay Grice to speak at C.A.R.D. I learned so much from her about horses and how horses think and react. Lindsay is an excellent speaker and so informative about horses!"
         L.H. Toronto
  • "Lindsay has an eye for detail. She was able to zero in on a specific problem area and suggest changes that made a difference! "
     W.Y. ,Orangeville
  • " …I learned that I have years of bad habits to banish, but now I have a plan … "  A.T. Windsor

"Some trust in chariots and
some in horses. But we trust
in the name of the Lord our God."

Psalm 20:7

"the horse is made ready
for the day of battle …
but victory rests in the Lord."

Proverbs 21.31